stan salter

"We can feel the waste of material things. Awkward, inefficient, or ill- directed movements of men, however, leave nothing visible or tangible behind them"

Frederick Winslow Taylor

Stan Salter's experience as an Industrial Engineering Technician spans 20 years and has covered a wide variety of successfully implemented Industrial Engineering projects across different sectors of industry. His areas of expertise past and present include:

  • Work study and Work methods analysis;
  • Facility Floor Plan layout and design;
  • Management Systems Analysis and Production Planning;
  • Optimisation of production processes;
  • Creation and Implementation of production planning systems;
  • Line Balancing and Labour resource allocation;
  • Supplier audits;
  • Quality planning and analysis;
  • Electrical supply documentation and optimisation;
  • Establishment of Labour Standards;
  • Consultation on labour disputes (management and unions).

Stan Salter is registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa and has lectured Work Study at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. In addition, Stan holds a registered patent and has established a niche product in Emergency Management Planning.