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Methods engineering
A systematic technique for the design and improvement of work methods.

Work measurement and time standards
The application of techniques designed to establish the time for a qualified worker to carry out a task at a defined rate of working.

Engineered labour standards
A combination of the above techniques used to improve the ability of managers to make better decisions by providing them with a reliable and accurate source of information.

Areas of application for all of the above include:
Man/machinery utilisation, (factory) labour utilisation, office work, teams of workers, individual workers, machine utilisation/efficiency and large-scale work systems. Provides information on - data for staffing, data for scheduling, data for line balancing, data for wage payment, data for simulation, data for costing, data for employee evaluation and data for decision-making.


Manufacturing Facilities Floorplanning Layout and Design

The planning, designing, and physical arrangement of processing and support areas within a facility.

Areas of application include:
New factory layouts, factory relocation, production space, optimisation, accommodating new machinery into an existing layout, office layouts, warehouse layouts, workstation layouts.

Additional services offered                   

  • Advanced MS Excel Spreadsheet design
  • Quality planning and analysis
  • Work instruction compilation/review
  • Business processes facilitation


Work Study Training

Elementary work study work measurement techniques taught on site.Get the most out of your Resources.


Quantify the potential of a current process.


Set fair and realistic labour expectations.


Avoid unecessary capital investment


Reduce direct and indirect labour costs


Reduce operating costs


Schedule resources


Cost control